I dunno​.​.​. coastguard?

by Gila Monster

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Second demo. Noisy as hell.

metal west midlands cybergrind drum machine fastcore grindcore hardcore noisegrind powerviolence punk thrash United Kingdom


released February 25, 2014

Eddie - guitar
Joe - drum machine programming, hollerin and noises



all rights reserved


Gila Monster England, UK

Two besties playing grindcore.

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Track Name: Intro / Caesar
Hail Caesar, crowd pleaser drowning in blood. All-American self made man. Everything is good. Your life is mine. Do you know what's done to get shit in your lungs? Bodies feed the bud. You think that you're safe, but now you're in the web. We're coming back with everything you said. Hard working soul-searching leader of men. Seldom mentioned San Quentin inmate born again.
Track Name: Removals
Bodies washed up on the shore. We're doing more than the products ever could. The American dream for immigrants' sons. The American dream in murky suds. Now we run this town.
Track Name: Strangling A Fat Guy With A Novelty Lobster Bib
Track Name: Burial Ground
This new cartel hit town (amphetamine burial ground). Step 1: Manufacture. Step 2: Evade capture. You wake up on the steps of the police station, your head fifteen miles from your body. ¿Dónde está la comisaría?
Track Name: Tax-Free Living
Looking out for lonely wives with grudges. Paperwork and finishing touches. I sell policies and cash them quick. A loveless marriage makes me sick. Stranglings, beatings and burnings supplement monthly earnings. I play games with coroners. Family men keep turning up dead. The detectives are all riled up. They can't find the common thread.